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Muya Francis Kihoro
Department Of Curriculum And Instruction, Mount Kenya University, Nairobi, Kenya
Class Size And Learning Outcomes: Perceptions Of In-service Teachers
Achieving quality learning outcomes within the education system in Kenya remains an elusive goal for educationists. Many strategic plans have been drafted and action plans implemented, but the aspiration remains a mirage. It appears the policy makers require more input from the stakeholders. The purpose of this study was to find out the perceptions of in-service teachers on class size

Muya Francis Kihoro (PhD)
School Of Education, Humanities And Social Sciences, South Eastern Kenya University (seku)
Here We Go! Towards A Framework For Use Of Music Activities In Preschool Settings
Music activities are indispensable tools in the preschool classrooms, especially in the light of the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) dispensation. Teachers strive to use them to keep the learner on task, to manage the classrooms, to expend excess energy, to change the mood in the classroom and to engage the learner in intellectual activity. At the same time, music

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