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Thompson Kubaje
Department Of Accounting, Faculty Of Accounting, Banking And Finance, University Of Professional Studies, Accra
The Small And Medium Enterprises Attitude Towards Tax Stamp: A Case Study Of Tax Payers In Ghana
Tax stamps date back to the Ottoman Empire. "Damga Resmi" was already in use by the sixteenth century. Tax stamp implementation in Ghana was enacted by Act 873 of the Excise Stamp Act, 2013. It is structured to enhance tax collection in the Ghanaian economy that has in the past years suffered dwindling tax revenue. The tax stamp is a

Thompson Kubaje
Lecturer, University Of Professional Studies, Accra
The Effectiveness Of Responsibility Accounting Systems In Evaluating Segment Performance Of Manufacturing Firms In Ghana- Sub-saharan Africa
Responsibility accounting is a managerial controlling tool by which costs are related to individual managers in an organization. The aim of this paper is to assess the effectiveness of responsibility accounting systems in evaluating segmental performance of manufacturing firms in Ghana. The population consisted of manufacturing firms situated within the heavy and light industrial enclaves using Statistical Practice for Social

Thompson Kubaje
Lecturer, University Of Professional Studies, Accra (upsa) Ghana
An Analysis Of The Contribution Of District Assembly Common Fund To Developmental Activities: A Case Of The Adentan Municipal Assembly, Ghana
The study was to analyse the impact or the contribution of the District Assembly Common Fund to the developmental activities in the Adentan Municipal Assembly of Ghana. An appropriate sampling method was used to select the respondents for the study. Questionnaires and interviews were used to gather primary data from the respondents. Statistically, descriptive and inferential statistics were employed to

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