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Ismail J. Ismail
Lecturer, Department Of Management Sciences, School Of Business Studies And Economics, University Of Dodoma, Tanzania
Determinants Of Technical Efficiency Among Smallholder-maize Farmers In Dodoma Region, Tanzania. One Stage Stochastic Production Frontier Approach
One constraint in achieving industrialization and food security has been the smallness quantity produced by smallholder farmers in Tanzania. Low agricultural productivity and production inefficiency in maize smallholder farming community since independence have aggravated food insecurity by widening the gap between the demand and supply of maize. Although there have been many strategies to improve maize production and the life

Ismail J. Ismail
Lecturer, Department Of Business Management And Administration, The University Of Dodoma, Dodoma, Tanzania
Adoption Discrepancies Of Activity-based Costing Among The Manufacturing Smes In The Developed And Developing Countries: Empirical Literature Review
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) constitute a very valuable component of economic enhancement framework that contributes significantly to countries' GDP in the world. The financial performance of these enterprises have inarguably become of paramount importance for their survival and growth. Adopting the activity-based costing (ABC) system is among the strategic moves that SMEs are urged to take, in order to

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