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Robert Bisonga Mwebi
Laikipia University, 1100-2300, Nyahururu Kenya
Role Of Curriculum Development On The Integrity Of Evaluation Systems In Kenyan Universities
Student evaluation is considered a critical part in the process of any curriculum development process. Through student evaluation, the efficacy of a developed curriculum can be judged of its worth. This therefore means that evaluation methods have to be beyond reproach. Thus, educational players within the higher institutions of learning such as universities give significant considerations towards safeguarding the integrity

Robert Bisonga Mwebi
Department Of Curriculum And Education Management, Laikipia University, Kenya
Nelson Mandela’s Educational Philosophy And Its Implication On School Curriculum
This paper provides a synthesis of the educational thoughts of Nelson Mandela as contained in his various speeches found in the book called "In his own words". "In his own words" is a biography written to commemorate the speeches of Nelson Mandela from his time in prison to freedom. The paper therefore examines the educational thoughts of Mandela with respect

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