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Wellington G. Bonga
Independent Researcher, 45 Caledon Avenue, Hatfield, Harare, Zimbabwe
An Explanatory Analysis Of The Potential Impact Of Citizens’ Purchasing Power On Industry Revival In Zimbabwe
Every nation has an objective of growth, and aims to attain the objective through policy formulation and policy implementation. This paper is a policy prescription which seeks to explore and emphasise on the importance of increasing the purchasing power of citizens to boost the pace of industry revival in Zimbabwe. Over the past two decades, civil servants and majority of

Wellington G. Bonga
Independent Researcher, 55 Caledon Avenue, Hatfield, Harare, Zimbabwe
Effectiveness Of The Office Of The Auditor General In Enhancing Public Sector Accountability In Zimbabwe
The study examined the effectiveness of the Auditor General's Office in enhancing public sector accountability in Zimbabwe. The public sector has been characterised by financial irregularities and mismanagement of funds (Bernard, 2009), yet the AG's office exist to enhance accountability and transparency. Some recommendations from AG's Office were not being considered, hence affecting its effectiveness in fostering accountability. The study

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