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Studies Of Anthropometric Correlation Between Foot Size And Height In Residents Of Calabar-nigeria
The present study is based on the measurement of foot size and height of 1000 subjects (500 males and 500 females) aged 20 to 30 years resident in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. Foot length, foot width and height were the major parameters measured. The average foot length, foot width and height recorded in the males were (Right 27-27, left 27-25) (Right -6.98; Left -6.97) and 149cm respectively for the females they were (Right -27.40, Left -27.517) (Right -6.97, Left -6.98) and 148cm respectively. The correlation coefficient between foot length, width and height revealed significant association. These results would be useful for further studies on anthropology and forensic medicine.
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