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Dr. Martha Kibukamusoke (PhD)
Dean, Faculty Of Humanities And Social Sciences, Victoria University, Kampala, Uganda
Comparing And Contrasting The Linear Regression Analysis Theory And Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation Analysis Theory In Inferential Statistics
This article takes a comparison and contrast of the correlation and regression theories in inferential statistics. The article uses the two theories on the relationship between customer services and volumes of sales at Kamwanyi B, restaurant in Kabalagala, Kampala, Uganda. The methods of data collection were by structured and un structured interviews with the use of a structured interview guide,

Dr.Martha Kibukamusoke
Phd, Sociology (dean), Faculty Of Humanities And Social Sciences, Victoria University, Uganda
Demographic Dividend In Africa, Prpospects, Opportunities And Challenges. A Case Study Of Uganda
This paper gives an exploration of the prospects, opportunities and challenges of demographic dividend in Africa with Uganda as a case study. The objectives include assessing the level of demographic dividend the African block has achieved. To identify the challenges lying ahead and the potential opportunities for Africa. The study design is exploratory, descriptive and causal. Although Africa is

Dr. Martha Kibukamusoke
Phd Sociology, Ma Development Studies, Victoria University, P.o Box 3160, Kampala, Uganda
Women’s Involvement And Their Civic And Political Responsibility Among The Batwa Ethnic Minority Group In Kanungu District South Western Uganda
The Batwa have struggled for political, social and economic independence in Kanungu district. Through a study to find out women’s involvement in governance at local level, quota and judgemental sampling techniques as well as focus group discussions and interviews were used to identify respondents and collect data. Strategies for inclusive participation and political independence are needed.

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