Detection Of "abandoned" Vehicles In Public Vehicle Parking Environment [based On Time]
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Detection Of "abandoned" Vehicles In Public Vehicle Parking Environment [based On Time]
It is common to come across “Abandoned” Vehicles [AV] in many of the public Vehicle Parking Environment facilities. Very few if any of these vehicles are really abandoned; in most scenarios Motorists drive into a public VPE facility then walk out, creating an impression that they are going to be back in a short while, only to return after a day or so. Lack of proper data sharing for Vehicle Verification [VV] is not making the situation any better. In some cases, vehicles are left and nobody turns-up to claim them for days, the public VPE company is left in limbo, not knowing what to do with such vehicles since they do not have a proper mechanism to verify vehicle ownership. “AbandonedDownloadViews: 251

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