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Researchjournali's Journal Of Marketing
Researchjournali's Journal Of Marketing - RJOM

Frequency: Monthly Publishing Since: 2013
Current Issue: 30/06/2018 Next Issue: 29/07/2018
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The Journal of marketing publishes research papers on all aspects of marketing management with ideas and best practice in the field of marketing. The journal aims to meet the needs marketing managers, executives, professors and researchers in marketing.

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Published Research Papers

Revitalizing A Fading Service - Brand: The Perception Of Top - Management In Ghana
Purpose; Brands in the past have gone through suffering with others even dying in Ghana. Though, there have been some empirical studies on product brand revitalization focus in most advanced countries, literature on the causes of brand decline and its

Effect Of Outsourcing On Competitive Advantage: Mediating Role Of Innovation – An Empirical Study Of Businesses In Ghana
The study investigates the effect of outsourcing on competitive advantage: the mediating role of innovation. 300 businesses that engage in outsourcing in Ghana were selected out of which 231 representing 77% response rate participated. Confirmatory Factor Analysis was done to

The Impact Of Brand Personality On Student Enrolment Intentions: The Mediating Role Of Brand Engagement – Evidence From Ghana
The study assessed the impact of brand personality on student enrolment intentions; the mediating role of brand engagement. The population of the study comprised of students from Christian Service University College in Ghana. 302 students were selected and the total

How To Build A Brand And Establish It?
The paper focuses on the brand objectives and the elements required to build and sustain a brand. There has been a comparison made between D-mart & Star bazaar to know the brand relevance and recall value that the consumers have

Effect Of Marketing Practices On Credit Card Usage Of Commercial Bank Customers In Kenya
Although credit card services have been available in Kenya for some time, the usage has not grown significantly. The purpose of this paper is to find out how the marketing practices of banks that issue credit cards affect their usage.

About the journal

Researchjournali's Journal Of Marketing (RJOM) publishes research papers on all aspects of marketing management with ideas and best practice in the field of marketing as a whole. The journal aims to meet the needs audience comprising marketing managers, executives, senior managers, professors and researchers in the subject of marketing. And it encourages good practice in marketing and new research for better understanding of marketing theories, processes and contribution of marketing to the growth of organization. The journal covers following topics related to marketing.

Market planning Market segmentation Sales management
Marketing mix Customer behavior Marketing intelligence
Direct Marketing Marketing Research Marketing Theory & Applications
Service marketing B2B Marketing Marketing for Small Businesses
Brand management International Marketing Community based marketing
Marketing Strategies Agricultural marketing Supply Chain Management
Sports marketing Online marketing Relationship marketing
Fashion marketing Tourism marketing

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