Towards Domestication And Adoption Of Eswata (markhamia Lutea) In Teso North Sub
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Towards Domestication And Adoption Of Eswata (markhamia Lutea) In Teso North Sub County, Kenya
Markhamia lutea is an indigenous agroforestry tree species, naturally growing along poverty stricken areas of Lake Victoria belt. Despite its socio economic roles in farm forestry. The species has been given little attention and it’s at the virtue of being depleted from the farms in the study area. In ensuring its sustainability there was need to explore domestication strategies at farm level. Based on this background the study was done with the specific objective of determining percent seed germination, seedling survival rates and growth rate of three M. lutea provenances in both bare root and container mode of seedling production. The study adopted a complete randomized block design (CRDownloadViews: 97

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