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Evaluation Of Maize-cowpea Intercrop Growth, Yield And Yield Components As Affected By Sowing Dates Under Rainfall In Mubi, Northern Guinea Savanah Of Nigeria
Researchjournali's Journal Of AgricultureJan,2018

Intercropping grain legume with cereals primarily increases diversity, and ensures stability of output. The timing of planting the component is however, critical in attaining this purpose. Maize and cowpea cultivars differing in maturities and growth habits were intercropped using four different sowing dates under field conditions at Mubi (100 6’ N, 130 17’ E), Nigeria in 2010 and 2011 to determine the influence of sowing date on the growth and yield of maize-cowpea intercrop. The experiments were laid in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with sowing dates SD1 (4th July), SD2 (14th July), SD3 (24th July) and SD4 (3rd August) replicated three times. The analysis of variance of the

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