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Mr. Samad Akbar
Graduate School (mba Marketing) , Bangkok University, Thailand
The Significance Of ‘word-of-mouth’ And ‘internet’ To Direct Selling
Direct selling has existed in the markets for centuries. The main challenge created in the 21st century is to maintain a healthy competition and to construct a strong persuasive word-of-mouth. The following research focuses on three factors that count for the effectiveness of word-of-mouth. The use of Internet enables everyone to access and exchange information between two or more parties

Samad Akbar
Economics And Business Teacher, Thai Sikh International School, 1799/1-2 Rim Thang Rodfai. Rod., Samrongnua, Muang.
Factors Influence Customer Satisfaction Leading To Revisiting Intention: Case Study Of Thecafé Kabul Restaurant
In today's cutting edge era, the restaurant business success depends on its ability to satisfy the customer. The main factors, price, quality of service, quality of food and ambience are used in this research to measure main factors influence customer satisfaction. Therefore, the core purpose of conducting this study is to interpret the influence of main factors on every single

Mr. Samad Akbar
English Teacher At Sarasas Witaed Nimitmai School, Khwaeng Sam We Tawan Ok, Khet Khlong Sam
The Significance Of Brand Name, Brand Image And Perceived On Consumer Decision Making: A Case Study Of Brand Oriented Customer In Bangkok
In the moderate era, the competition in the market is at its best and the business emphasizes on building their brand. The brand plays an important role in influencing the consumer decision-making process. Therefore, the brand is divided into three categories in this research which aids in studying the influence it has on consumer decision making. The three categories are

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