How Type 2 Diabetes Patients Perceive And Manage Their Illness In Kenya
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How Type 2 Diabetes Patients Perceive And Manage Their Illness In Kenya
These are findings of an exploratory study into how Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) patients perceive and manage their illness in Kenya. Qualitative data was collected between May and October 2011 through in-depth interviews. A sample of thirty two T2D patients aged between 35-64 years, who had been diagnosed with the disease for a period of more than two years were recruited from the Out-Patient Diabetes Clinic at Kenyatta National Hospital for interviews. Analysis of the study results showed that the T2D participants held varied perceptions with regard to diabetes causation. They incorporated elements of both the biomedical and folk knowledge system by reporting causal factors such as stress, herediDownloadViews: 265

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